Selected Publications

Hartmann, D., Jara-Figueroa, C., Kaltenberg, M., & Gala, P. 2019. Mapping Stratification: the industry-occupation space reveals the network structure of inequality. working paper

Kaltenberg, M. (2017). Complexity Pays: Knowledge Coordination Premiums. Revising to submit.

Jun, B., Kaltenberg, M. and Won-Sik, H. 2017, How Inequality Hurts Growth: Revisiting the Galor-Zeira model using the Korean Case. working paper.

Hartmann, D., Jara-Figueroa, C. and Kaltenberg, M., 2017, The Brazilian Industry-Occupation Space: Structural Heterogeneity and the regional skills demand. IADB Technical Report.

Industrial Development Report 2016. The Role of Technology and Innovation in Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development. “Technological change, structural transformation and economic growth,” Vienna, UNIDO.

Verspagen, B. & Kaltenberg, M., 2015, Catching-up in a globalised context: Technological change as a driver of growth, UNU-MERIT Working Paper
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