About Mary Kaltenberg

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I am currently a post-doctoral fellow at Brandeis University with Adam Jaffe and Margie Lachman working on the inventor life cycle with patent data. I was a PhD Fellow at UNU-MERIT, Maastricht, The Netherlands. My doctoral advisors were Bart Verspagen at UNU-MERIT and Cesar Hidalgo at the Collective Learning group at the MIT Media Lab. In 2016, I was a visiting student and research assistant at the MIT Media Lab.

Previously, I worked at UNICEF on resource mobilization and research on accessibility to health care. I received my masters and bachelors degree in economics from The New School for Social Research in New York City.

Check out my Github for code and data from previous papers (currently updating), and code for tutorials for previously taught short courses.

More details about my experience can be found on my CV

I work on other personal projects/passions:

  • PhD Workshop on Innovation, Economic Complexity and Economic Geography, August 5-7, 2018 at MIT Media Lab, Cambridge, MA, USA
    Lead organizer for a summer Workshop with the Collective Learning Group at the MIT Media Lab, YSI Innovation and YSI Complexity Working Group at INET. Call for papers are closed.
  • Reading Schumpeter
    Webinar based reading group on Schumpeter’s texts. I am an organizer through the YSI Innovation Working Group.
  • Cookbook, From Siberia to Texas: An Immigrant’s Collected Recipes
    Listen to my PechaKucha talk about it (currently writing a draft)
  • Cookie a week project
    Every week I bake a different cookie recipe and post them on instagram
    Follow my instagram account @sumthingabout to see my weekly cookies
  • Divine Feminist Philosophy Book Club
    Bi-monthly book club on re-defining and imagining a new left philosophy
    Current Book: Francis Piven’s Poor People’s Movements: Why they succeed, How they Fail
    Previous Books:Bell Hooks’s Teaching to Transgress: Education as the Practice of Freedom , David Graeber’s Utopia of Rules, Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower, Rosa Luxemburg’s Mass Strike
  • Economaster Chef (2015)
    Cook an appetizer, main course and dessert together with one “master” chef per item. Each person who is from a different country teaches the others their recipe to learn the tacit knowledge of cooking. We switch chefs and recipes every meeting. Check out our recipe collection from the year here

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